Test Your ShareMeNot Installation

If you have ShareMeNot installed and it is functioning properly, the following embedded buttons should not be tracking you unless you click on them.

If you have the "Replace social buttons with local versions" option selected, the following buttons should have been replaced by ShareMeNot’s own internal buttons, which have the ShareMeNot logo.

Other ways to test your installation

In the Firefox status bar at the bottom of your browser window (see the FAQ if you don’t see the status bar), the Firefox navigation bar, or in the Chrome address bar, you should see the ShareMeNot icon. If you click on the icon, you should see a list of blocked trackers. If you uncheck on one of the checkboxes, the corresponding tracker will no longer be blocked.

If you have the "Replace social buttons with local versions" option enabled, the buttons should be replaced by ShareMeNot's local stand-in buttons:

		for Chrome Replacement Buttons

If you are familiar with Wireshark or similar tools, you can verify that requests to the domains hosting the buttons (facebook.com, google.com, twitter.com, stumbleupon.com, digg.com, and linkedin.com) do not include cookies (if local buttons are disabled) or do not occur (if local buttons are enabled) unless you have clicked on the corresponding button on this page.